Physioplus is proud to sponsor Scottish event rider, Daisy Job and her two event horses, keeping them in tip-top competition condition.

"I have always loved horses and eventing and it is my ambition to make the sport a profession. From a young age I have had a desire to succeed and I continue to be motivated and determined to improve. I am extremely grateful and delighted to be working with Libby Lindsay from Physioplus. Libby is extremely talented and is an essential part of the team. She ensures that myself and my horses are fit and healthy enabling us to perform as successfully as possible, in training and while competing.

Our horses are my best interest and they always come first. For them to perform well it is so important that they are feeling their best. Physioplus plays such a significant role in their performance in training and while competing.


At Physioplus the movement of the horse is analysed both under saddle and in hand. Following this, they work all over the horse's body releasing any pressure and easing the muscles to remove any undesirable discomfort. After their sessions from Physioplus they feel relaxed and are extremely soft and supple. They love the treatment and as a rider I encourage our horses to work in a correct way to continue the positive effects from Physioplus.

Physioplus has been extremely influential to my competition performance as well as to improve my riding position. A jacket with horizontal and vertical lines was used and I was videoed while I was training. Later we analysed the data

collected to identify my weaknesses so that they could be worked on and improved. By using one simple piece of equipment each day we have strengthened my weaker parts and thus managed to improve my balance .

The 2018 eventing season has been a fantastic season so far, especially for our homebred horse Player. He has finished in the top 4 in every event he has competed in, including winning three times at BE 100 and BE Novice level. Due to his very consistent results we were honoured to have been asked to represent team Scotland at the BE100u18 Championships held at Frickley Park. The event, held in July, was hugely successful for our team as we finished third out of 8 teams; the first time Scotland have had a podium finish! Individually Player and I finished in the runner up spot, a small margin behind the winner.  Making us 2nd out of 80 competitors. We were extremely fortunate that Libby from Physioplus made the trip south with us. During the event, she treated me before each of the 3 days of competition. This enabled me to focus on our performance rather than being distracted by any pain, stress or pressure. Her treatments influenced our results hugely.

I currently have other partnerships forming with two lovely horses as well as continuing to produce talented ponies. I began riding Beyond Gold, owned by Charles Robson from Best Intent Marquees, 6 months ago and we have had an educational summer competing at BE Novice level. Cool Kangaroo, a mare I have produced, began her eventing successfully placing in the top 6 every time out at BE 90. We are working hard at home and in training, with Stephanie Robson, to make improvements with the aim to increase our level of performance. We will be working with Libby to ensure that we are all in fit, competition condition for our future events.

I am extremely lucky to have the support from Physioplus and I am so grateful that such a vital part of them team shares the same dedication and desire for success that I do."